A Better Smile with Dental Implants in Encinitas

A Better Smile with Dental Implants in Encinitas

Sep 12, 2018

Dental implants are not just for our older patients, as many may have previously thought. Sure, dentures and dental crowns and caps can be a great use for the function of your mouth, but advancements in dental technology have made dental implants one of the best restoration solutions available on the market today.

Replacing even one missing tooth can have a very positive effect on your jaw, your bite, you’re chewing efficiency, and even your self-esteem. After some time, a missing tooth can create problems as bone begins to reabsorb and fewer teeth are doing more work. This makes bone weak, and the remaining teeth then shift and are less stable. After this, it is usually a snowball effect on the rest of your mouth. This can create gum inflammation, TMJ issues, pain, and fight problems. Be sure to replace your missing tooth, is it stabilizes the jaw below and the teeth above and around the space.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are placed below the gums, and a crown that is made on top is used to look extremely natural-looking. The implant itself is made of a titanium rod that is unseen, and the cap above is undetectable to the naked eye. Unless you open your mouth and specifically pointed out to a friend, they will likely not be able to tell that it is a false tooth. What they will be able to see is your restored smile, and the way that your confidence emanates from your being.

Are They Right for Me?

In order to find out if you’re a good candidate for dental implants, it is first important to schedule a consultation with us here at our office in Encinitas, CA. Dr. Steve Horne will work tirelessly to ensure that the proper measures are taken to give you the smile that you’ve always wanted, but maybe have never been able to have. You’ll be left feeling great not only about yourself, but also about your smile, and the functionality of your teeth will be greater than it ever has been. If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to give our office a call today!

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