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Are you considering metal filling removal? For decades, dental offices around the world have used silver metal fillings, also known as amalgam fillings, in our teeth. For the most part, amalgam consists of 55% mercury (a non-radioactive and toxic metal), lead, and even arsenic! Not only can these metal fillings be unsightly, they are also rumored to cause serious health complications. In addition, amalgam is known to expand with warmer temperatures and oxidation. For that reason, teeth with amalgam fillings are more likely to fracture or break with the added pressure.

Unfortunately, many Encinitas dental practices still offer dental amalgam material as a filling option. But at Steve Horne, DDS, we are dedicated to providing safer, healthier and stronger dental treatments. Interested in silver filling removal in Encinitas? Schedule an appointment today.

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Silver & Mercury Filling Removal

At our Encinitas dental office, we believe the use of amalgam fillings should be stopped, and patients with these silver metal fillings should have them removed. We are dedicated to providing healthier dental treatments and healthier smiles, and for that reason offer filling replacement services to replace old, silver fillings with safer, stronger, tooth-colored composite fillings.

Encinitas Mercury Filling Removal Process

During the metal filling removal, a rubber dental dam and high volume evacuation will be used to extract your silver metal filling safely. Depending on the condition of your affected teeth, we will replace the old mercury filling with safer, healthier, and stronger restorations; inlays-onlays, composite fillings and even crowns may be used.

Filling Replacement Encinitas, CA

Do you have outdated amalgam fillings? Want to make sure your smile and overall health are the best they can be? Considering a filling replacement in Encinitas, CA? Contact Steve Horne, DDS today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Horne. He would be happy to evaluate your silver metal fillings and discuss filling replacement options that may be right for you.


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