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Dental Bridges

Looking for a solution for missing teeth? Considering dental bridges in Encinitas, CA? At Steve Horne, DDS in Encinitas, CA, we are proud to offer both fixed and removable dental bridges to patients looking to improve their smile. Not only can missing teeth affect your appearance, it can also affect the functionality of your smile. Teeth may shift in position, creating hard to reach areas for brushing, which leads to an increased risk of decay, infection and ultimately gum disease.

Permanent Dental Bridges Encinitas, CA

A permanent dental bridge can be used to replace one or multiple teeth and requires that the surrounding teeth are healthy so the permanent dental bridge can be secured in place. If the adjacent teeth to the missing ones are healthy, dental crowns will be placed to attach and stabilize the permanent dental bridge.

However, if you don’t have healthy teeth to stabilize permanent dental bridges, dental implants may be necessary. Permanent dental bridges supported by dental implants are often referred to as “implant-supported bridges.”

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Removable Dental Bridges Encinitas, CA

A removable bridge has the same purpose as their permanent counterparts; however, removable dental bridges can be removed for eating, drinking, cleaning, etc. A removable dental bridge is supported and stabilized by metal clasps or precision attachments rather than adjacent teeth. A removable bridge can be a more affordable option, but may not provide the same stability as a permanent dental bridge.

Depending upon the type of bridge selected, the preparation and treatment process can vary. If crowns are being used, the teeth will be prepared, and digital images will be taken to create an impression with our in-house CEREC system. Once the crowns have been created, they will carefully be bonded to your existing teeth for support and stability. If you opt for an implant-supported bridge, the implants will need to be attached by a trained specialist, then Dr. Horne will attach the custom-made crowns to hold the bridge in place.

To discuss our dental bridges in Encinitas, CA and see which type is best for your case, contact our office in Encinitas, CA today!


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