What to Do When Dental Emergency Occurs?

What to Do When Dental Emergency Occurs?

Jan 01, 2022

Dental emergencies occur without warning but always make you reluctant to call your dentist for treatment. Instead, you try over-the-counter painkillers or bear the pain because you are unsure whether the problem qualifies for an emergency visit to Steve B Horne, DDS — Encinitas, CA. Instead of determining whether the emergency requires prompt treatment or not, you must seek dental treatment from a qualified dentist to deal with the crisis affecting you.

Whenever any dental emergency occurs, the first professional you must call is the emergency dentist near you without proceeding to emergency rooms or any other medical facility. The emergency dentist recommends you visit them immediately, preferably within 30 minutes if you are dealing with an injury.

The emergency dentist in Encinitas, CA, provides after-hours treatments and is also open on Saturdays. If you are unsure of the gravity of your situation, the better option is to call the dentist’s office to receive guidance. However, please do not assume you can ignore the dental emergency because even a minor issue can significantly aggravate, requiring expensive and intensive treatments.

Why Must You Contact Emergency Dentists When Dental Problems Occur?

The dentist in Encinitas, CA, is equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to treat dental emergencies of all types. For example, if you visit an emergency room with a knockout tooth, you will likely be redirected to an emergency dentist because medical professionals neither have the knowledge or the tools to manage dental emergencies. In reality, medical professionals are prohibited from providing dental treatments to patients that approach them with dental emergencies.

On the other hand, when you visit the emergency dentist with a knockout tooth in your possession within 30 minutes, your chances of having the tooth reinserted into its socket increase. This is because the dentist splints the tooth to the adjacent tooth to allow the roots to reattach and recommends regular visits to your dentist to assess the progress.

Similarly, if you are affected by a severe toothache, it indicates a dental abscess or oral infection. Emergency dentists best treat these conditions instead of medical professionals without knowledge of treating dental emergencies. Therefore whenever affected by a dental emergency, an emergency dentist should be your first point of call before considering alternative options.

Which Dental Emergencies Need Prompt Treatment?

Any issue affecting your oral and dental health needs treatment from an emergency dentist if your regular dental care provider isn’t available or cannot provide emergency services. For example, injuries to your mouth, lips, tongue, tooth loss, dental abscesses, lost crowns or fillings, or food particles trapped between the teeth and causing pain all need prompt treatment from emergency dentists.

For example, a simple issue like a chipped tooth can make you think the matter isn’t significant and can wait for some time until it receives treatment. However, have you considered the bacteria in your mouth, don’t think similarly, and penetrate the tooth to create infections in them? The conditions can leave you requiring expensive treatment when you ignore the chipped tooth as insignificant.

If you experience problems with orthodontic braces, you can try correcting them using some soft material. However, you mustn’t attempt to clip wires if they are causing pain. You can use dental wax until you reach the dental clinic. However, getting treatment from an emergency dentist is necessary because the wires can injure the soft tissues of your mouth and also reverse the alignment process.

Your mouth has plenty of soft tissue on the gums, lips, tongue, and cheeks that can sustain injury due to biting, accidents, or eating foods. You may think the issue is minor and doesn’t need attention from an emergency dentist. However, if your mouth is bleeding, you must visit the Encinitas dentist for advice to prevent the injury from aggravating.

Is It Possible to Prevent Dental Emergencies?

Preventing dental emergencies is practically impossible. However, you can incorporate a set of practices to keep dental emergencies to a bare minimum by scheduling regular visits to your dentist for exams and cleanings. During your visits, your dentist can identify problems that might turn into a dental emergency. They can create a customized treatment plan specific to manage the issues helping you avoid dental emergencies. You might also receive recommendations to wear mouth guards if involved in contact sports and advice about maintaining your dental hygiene in excellent condition to safeguard your oral and dental health.

If you ever encounter a dental emergency despite adopting the measures, contact the Encinitas dentist always available to treat any dental issue bothering you.

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