What Is the Greatest Threat to Your Dental Health?

What Is the Greatest Threat to Your Dental Health?

Jul 16, 2019

It is worth understanding that dental issues have much to do with your overall dental health. Even small dental problems can be miserable and difficult to handle because it may lead to severe pain and discomfort. Just by taking proper care of your teeth, this can be avoided. It helps bring a perfect smile and maintain overall dental health. If ignored, it may further cause health issues such as diabetes, premature birth, weight loss, heart diseases, lung issues and Alzheimer disease. It is thus better to consult dentist in Encinitas to prevent dental problems.

Use of tobacco

As per the dentist at 92024, tobacco must be strictly prohibited for maintaining better dental health. Smoking or chewing tobacco can affect gum tissue and deteriorate the teeth enamel. Further, it grinds away the tooth and leads to its wear down. Chain smokers often end up affecting their mouth which may lead to receding gums and also exposes root for decay and sensitivity. Even if you take smokeless tobacco, it contains sugar sweeteners which could equally affect the teeth.

Poor diet

Intake of right nutrition is equally important for the right dental health. Unhealthy eating habits may be a direct cause of many periodontal health issues. Intake of food that has an extremely rich source of sugar can be harmful to teeth and gums. The diet does not contain sufficient nutrient can make teeth weak. Dentist at Encinitas CA suggests that one must keep a look at the food you eat because this can affect the overall dental health. Sugary foods must be avoided and healthy food must be included in your diet plans.

To avoid any thread to dental health you must keep visiting a dentist near you. So as to avoid any dental issues and to promote overall dental health gets preventive care from an expert dentist. One must not skip their regular visits to the dental clinic because any negligence may lead to severe and bigger issues.

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