What Factors Contribute to the Long-Term Success of Dental Implants?

What Factors Contribute to the Long-Term Success of Dental Implants?

Nov 01, 2018

Innovations in medicine and technology now create comfortable options in oral health care.Dental implants have allowed for longer lasting restored smiles in patients all over the world. They last longer than other more traditional dental restorations. This is one of the reasons Steve Horne and his team located in Encinitas, CA recommended dental implants. Continue reading on to learn what factors contribute to the long term success of dental implants and see how they could have a lasting benefit your smile.

What qualifies as a successful dental implant?

Placing a dental implants requires a surgical procedure that involves connected the titanium implant to the jawbone. A successful dental implant signifies a solid connection that functions well after the procedure. This involves at least ten years after the procedure. If the dental implant loses its connection with the bone and fall out, then that would clearly signify an unsuccessful implant.

What factors can shorten the lifespan?

There are several factors to consider in the long term success of dental implants. There are also factors that increase your risk of a shorter lifespan. These include gum disease, smoking, diabetes, and inappropriate bite force.

What factors can improve the lifespan?

Great gum health can help contribute to the long term health of your dental implant. Our dental implants dentist in Encinitas will provide you with thorough information on how to care for your new restorations after the procedure. Professional teeth cleanings with the help of a dentist near you are vital in ensuring effective gum health. We encourage these appointments at least twice a year for our patients. This give the dental hygienist the opportunity to eliminate plaque, tartar, and debris from hard to reach areas. Good overall health is also vital. This involves keeping up with a healthy diet and quitting bad habits, such as smoking.

Dental Implants Encinitas

If you are interested in learning more about dental implants, then contact Steve Horne’s dental office to set up a consultation with our experienced team and see how you can transform your smile.

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