Want Whiter Teeth? You Have Options

Want Whiter Teeth? You Have Options

Jul 12, 2018

Teeth whitening is increasingly growing in popularity, as more and more people want a bright white smile. Between whitening toothpaste to more elaborate whitening systems, there are more ways than ever to reach your goal of white teeth. How do we know which option is best for us and our circumstances?

Is There a Best Way to Get Whiter Teeth?

As stated above there are many different ways to get white teeth. Dental professionals agree, however, that the reason our teeth lose their brilliance is because they aren’t properly cared for. Our lifestyle habits can play a big role in the color of our teeth, drinking coffee and tea on a daily basis is a huge culprit for discolored teeth.

Whitening toothpaste simply cannot do the job. Whitening toothpaste solely focuses on extrinsic reasons for discolored teeth; they can serve a purpose when used after drinking coffee, tea, or eating staining foods.

Whitening strips are another popular method for whitening teeth, as the active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide serves as a way to lift the stains off of the teeth and can even lighten them by about 5 shades. At home, trays are also available from some dentists and also utilize a bleaching gel. Customized trays are used to fit your mouth, but some patients say the bleaching gel used in these trays can irritate their mouth.

Today the best whitening method, and the safest, is in-office whitening. They’re different systems that can dramatically whiten your teeth and as little as an hour, used under the close provision of your dentist ensures that you get the customized whitening concentration that you need in order to achieve the best results with the most comfort.

The Bottom Line

There are many different whitening options, but it is more important to speak with your dentist to figure out what is best for you. With Steve Horne, DDS in Encinitas, CA, a customized plan can be made for you so you can finally have the teeth you always wanted.

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