The Surprising Benefit of Mouthguards: Protect Against Concussions and Safeguard Your Smile

The Surprising Benefit of Mouthguards: Protect Against Concussions and Safeguard Your Smile

Oct 19, 2018

Dentist in Encinitas, CA

Concussions are a common issue that increases each year. Dentists can help to prevent some of the concussions that occur during high impact sports. Many think that a concussion is a hard blow to the top of the head, but contact to the jaw or the mouth can also bring on symptoms of a concussion. How can our dentist in Encinitas help to prevent concussions? Continue reading on to learn more about mouthguards and how they can easily safeguard your smile while protecting against concussions.

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Our dental team appreciates the many benefits to living an active lifestyle while taking part in activities that you love. However, we are eager to help patients do this while protecting themselves from potential harm. An individual’s jaw takes up the majority of the structure of a face. If someone does not protect this area of their face during contact sports, then the end result can be concussions, tooth loss, or other severe mouth injuries.

How Can We Help?

Our dentist near you provides custom-made mouthguards that are created to perfectly fit a patient’s smile. They offer a comfortable bite that ensures a protected smile throughout any activity. Mouthguards can last a long time with proper care and keeping. This involves thorough cleaning of the mouthguard between uses. It is true that you can purchase mouthguards at most sporting goods stores. However, our office provides higher quality devices that are custom to each patient’s smile. They are also much more durable. Our mouthguards will not affect the way you breathe during usage, are easy to clean, stay in the right spot, and do not fall apart easily. This is not the case for more cheaper alternatives.

If you or your active child are in need of mouthguard, then contact our dentistry near you to set up a consultation. During this time we will go over the procedure of acquiring a custom-made mouthguard and show you the many benefits you will receive. Call our clinic today for more information!

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