Should I Go To The Hospital For My Dental Emergency?

Should I Go To The Hospital For My Dental Emergency?

Jan 07, 2019

It can be a panicky situation when you face a dental emergency especially when your tooth gets cracked or knocked out. The first though that comes to your mind is of seeing a dentist in Encinitas. But you must know that not all dental emergencies need you to see a dentist and it may be solved after few days during your scheduled appointment. However, it’s imperative to be able to differentiate between an actual emergency and the one that can be avoided as avoiding the former can lead to further damage.

When Should You See a Dentist?

According to emergency dentist near Encinitas, you can wait to get an appointment when you break tooth because of chewing something crunchy or hard. However, if the tooth broke because of a hard violent hit from a hockey stick, you need to see the dentist immediately.

With age, our teeth decays and become sensitive leading to pain. You can schedule an appointment the next week and let the doctor examine the severity of the condition and necessary treatment.

When Should You Rush to the Hospital?

According to urgent care dentist in Encinitas, dental emergencies can do a lot more than damaging the teeth and can probably harm your face and mouth. If your jaw gets seriously hurt, you need to rush to the hospital. If there is abscess in your tooth which affects the ability to swallow or breath, you should go to the hospital without any delay. When rushing to the nearest hospital, make sure that someone you know calls your dentist so that they can follow up with the hospital.

Will Your Dentist Be Available?

Dental emergencies never happen at the right time which is what makes them difficult to manage. When you choose a dentist, you must see if they provide emergency services. They must have an emergency helpline that can answer your queries and suggest ways of handling it. Your dentist may or may not be available during late night or early morning but the emergency helpline can help.

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