Same-Day Dental Crowns: Fast Restorative Dentistry

Same-Day Dental Crowns: Fast Restorative Dentistry

May 11, 2018

Finally get your dream smile in as little as one or two visits to the dental office! Read on to find out how it’s possible

The Traditional Dental Crowns Process

When going the conventional route, the minimum wait to see the best results takes about 2 weeks. In the first dental appointment, your teeth are first prepared, and then a mold is taken of your bite. Once this impression has been taken to perfection, it is taken to a dental lab to customize a crown that will fit in your mouth. All the while, a temporary crown is placed in your tooth to allow you to continue living normally, and finally, your custom crown is placed into your mouth to reveal a beautiful new smile.

The Same-Day Dental Crowns Difference

Compared to traditional dental crowns, same-day dental crowns are made at lightning speed. This method cuts out the middleman, as your practice makes the crown themselves in-office, it allows your teeth to be prepared, the impression of your mouth to be made, the crown customized and finalized, all in a matter of hours.

A Custom Dental Restoration That Fits Perfectly

Thanks to the latest technology available in the dental world, your very own dentist are able to make your perfectly fitting crown in their very own office. Digital impression technology makes all of this possible to give you a set of crowns that will compliment your natural smile.

How Durable is a Same-Day Dental Crown?

There is a very comparable durability to the crowns made in a dental lab as opposed to one made in-house. Patients are able to bite and chew normally as the crown can withstand wear and tear for a long period of time.

Us here at Steve Horne D.D.S. strive to always stay on top of the latest technology available. That being said, our highly-trained staff is constantly educating themselves to give you your best smile possible. The second you walk through our doors, you’ll be able to see the difference, so give us a call today and schedule your first appointment!

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