Replacing Your Dental Fillings

Replacing Your Dental Fillings

Mar 30, 2018

A dental filling is a restorative tool used to replace the structure of a tooth that was damaged either by the decay or cavity or trauma due to an accident. These fillings are made of strong materials, but eventually, the day-to-day stress on them from chewing, clenching, and biting, may eventually wear them out.

Although fillings typically last for years, they aren’t exactly expected to last forever. Fillings can chip, crack, wear down, and even fall out over time! This can leave a dangerous hole in your oral defenses against bacteria, providing the perfect place for bacteria to colonize, and create another cavity. If your filling falls out of place or is loose, bacteria can enter the hole, making it extremely difficult to clean with ordinary brushing and flossing. This can cause severe damage to the existing tooth structure and even lead to the loss of the tooth.

Other Reasons to Replace a Filling

While dentists typically only would suggest replacing a filling if it becomes damaged or useless in some way, many patients elect to have their fillings replaced for a variety of reasons:

  • You don’t like the shape of the composite filling
  • You don’t like the color of the filling anymore
  • The fit feels uncomfortable for some reason

Any of these are perfectly understandable reasons to have a filling replaced. Your dentist can typically replace the filling quite easily to your specifications and desires.

How to Make Your Fillings Last Longer

It’s important to always go to your regular checkup with your dentist as well as cleanings. Making sure that you don’t get a cavity near your filling is important, as this can cause complications. Make sure always to brush and floss daily. Also, when it comes to the filling itself, your dentist will be able to find any signs of weakness or fault in your filling sooner if you regularly go in for your checkup.

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