Improve Your Smile with a Crown and Bridge

Improve Your Smile with a Crown and Bridge

Apr 04, 2018

Dental crowns and bridges are highly effective for replacing one or more missing teeth. If you want to improve the appearance of your smile, talk to your dentist about these dental prosthetics.

The Importance of Replacing Teeth

You might not mind having a small gap in your tooth line, but it could have more consequences than just an unattractive appearance. Leaving open spaces in your gum line provides room for the remaining teeth to move around. If they shift into that empty space, it could affect the alignment of the rest of the teeth and even your bite. In addition, gaps can cause the gum and alveolar ridge on the jaw bone to deteriorate.

Crowns and Bridges

Dental bridges and crowns are made from porcelain, which is both durable and natural-looking. Bridges are comprised of one or more artificial teeth (called the pontic) being secured to adjacent teeth (called abutments). Depending on the type of bridge being placed, either one or more crowns will first need to be placed on teeth adjacent to the gap to support the bridge itself. The teeth receiving the crowns will need to be shaved down to create room for the crowns. Impressions will then be taken of the teeth and sent to a dental lab where the crowns and bridge will be made. While waiting for the bridge to be created, temporary crowns will be placed to protect the teeth. During a second dental appointment, the completed bridge will be placed by removing the temporary crowns and fitting the permanent crowns. They will be adjusted as needed before being cemented to the teeth and the bridgework put in place. The dentist will adjust the fit and bite for the best function and appearance.

Care of Dental Crowns and Bridgework

Crowns and bridges should be cared for as natural teeth by being brushed twice daily with a soft brush and fluoride toothpaste. Flossing daily also remains an important part of oral care to keep plaque and tartar from building up on the surface of the teeth. Dental appointments will be more important as your dentist will want to keep an eye on how your mouth is reacting to the dental work and how it holds up over time.

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