How Sticking to Dental Exams & Cleaning Can Give You Better Health?

How Sticking to Dental Exams & Cleaning Can Give You Better Health?

Apr 01, 2021

As you know, healthy teeth rely on a healthy mouth. Getting regular dental exams and cleaning not only cleans your teeth deeply but also additionally spot small troubles earlier than they evolve into bigger ones.

At Steve B. Horne, DDS, we recommend scheduling an exam and teeth cleaning twice a year. We pay attention to your goals and tackle any dental concerns you may also have about your oral health.

At every dental check-up, the experienced dentist in Encinitas, CA will check every tooth, your gums, tongue, and cheeks and offer insightful recommendations to improve your smile. Connect with the dental pro to accomplish better health and smile.

Dental Exams Assess More than Your Teeth

You might also be surprised that Dr. Steve does not just look for cavities during clinical in-office dental exams in Encinitas, CA, but will cover the following areas:

  • Evaluating the gums
  • Probing for signs and symptoms of gum diseases
  • Looking for loose teeth
  • Examining the tissues internal of your mouth
  • Assessing the fitness of your tongue
  • Measuring your bite
  • Noting any visible evidence of tooth decay
  • Seeing if you have any damaged teeth
  • Investigating injury to fillings
  • Inspecting any dental equipment you have
  • Taking digital X-rays

As you can see, a dental exam covers a lot extra than one would originally think. There is much more that goes on the interior than your mouth of yours. Dr. Steve will also look for proof of tooth grinding or issues with the temporomandibular joint (which connects the lower jaw to the skull).

He will also examine your neck, palate, lymph glands, and mouth soft tissues for symptoms of dangerous infection or oral cancer.

Dental Examination Procedure

The following are the things to expect when anyone makes an appointment for a dental examination.

Step #1 – Firstly, X-rays will be taken.

Step #2 – The experienced dentist in Encinitas, CA will ask the patient about their history records or any health troubles they have that can negatively affect their oral health. This is the time for the patient to let the dentist understand any worries or fears they have about any dental processes.

Step #3 – The dentist will then conduct a complete oral examination of the mouth. They will take a look at the teeth to make sure there are no current problems by properly looking at matters like gum disease and oral cancer.

Step #4 – A dental cure design will be made if necessary. If the affected person wants deep cleansing of their teeth, he or she can also make a separate dental appointment due to the fact a deep cleansing takes longer.

Step #5 – The patient will receive expert tooth cleaning. This can be a favored section of the examination, as the patient’s tooth will look gorgeous after expert tooth cleansing.

Dental Cleaning

One of the most essential parts of the dental checkup will be a thorough cleaning of your teeth, gums, and mouth. In the absence of gum disease, an ordinary teeth cleaning is provided. If gum disease is present, deeper cleaning of the gums may also be needed.

Dental cleaning Encinitas, CA is commonly carried out by registered and qualified dental hygienists. Your cleaning appointment will encompass a dental exam and the following:

  • Removal of Calculus (Tartar)

Calculus is solidified plaque that has been left on the teeth for quite a while and is presently immovably on the teeth surface. Calculus stays above and under the gum lining. Dental pros typically eliminate it with special dental instruments.

  • Plaque Removal

Plaque on the teeth is a sticky and nearly invisible film. It is a developing colony of residing bacteria, food debris, and saliva. The bacteria produce toxins (poisons) that aggravate the gums. This inflammation is the beginning of the deadly periodontal disease.

  • Teeth Polishing

It is performed to remove stain and plaque that isn’t usually dispensed with during tooth brushing and scaling.

Need to Make an Appointment?

The dental exam & cleaning near me are notably important for avoiding teeth decay, gum disease, and major issues that require greater extensive techniques for healing. Contact Steve B. Horne, DDS in Ca, USA today for an appointment at (760) 593-4998.

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