How Often One Should Replace Dental Fillings?

How Often One Should Replace Dental Fillings?

Jun 01, 2023

Ignoring dental trauma or decay for a long time can cause other problems like infection, pain, tooth loss, etc. Dental filling fixes tiny regions of decay and stops the progression by creating a barrier against harmful bacteria.
They can be made using ceramic, composite, gold, glass ionomer, or silver amalgam. You can pick anyone to fill the hole in your tooth to restore its functionality. Whether you choose ceramic, composite resin, amalgam, or gold fillings, maintain routine dental visits and proper oral care. Let us find out how often it is crucial to replace the filling.

Frequency of Replacing Dental Filling

Several factors play a vital role in when a person should replace a dental filling. It includes how well he/she takes care of, dental filling type, etc. People suffering from infections, dental damage, or additional decay may need to replace their filings more often, depending on the type. Let us explore the lifespan of your restoration:

Composite Dental Fillings

Composite fillings (aka tooth-colored fillings) are manufactured using a combination and fine glass. They have a lifespan of 10-12 years.

Amalgam Dental Fillings

Amalgam fillings are the most conventional fillings manufactured using a blend of fillings. On average, you can expect them to last around 15 years before requiring replacement. The lifespan can also differ depending on factors like grinding or clenching teeth.

When and Why One Should Replace Dental Fillings?

The following signs indicate you need to replace the dental filling in Encinitas, CA:

Cracks on the Filling

Wear and tear can result in cracks in the filling. Although it takes many years to occur, it can be sooner due to teeth grinding. Cracked filling lets the bacteria move inside the tooth and cause decay.

Sensitivity When Taking Cold, Hot, or Sugary Beverages/Foods

If you find your tooth highly sensitive when you drink or eat cold, hot, or sugary items, it can indicate a crack around or in the filling. If this is the case, the bacteria exposes the inner pulp and leads to discomfort.

You Have Old Filling

If you notice the signs of wear and tear in your filling done previously, it’s time to replace it now.


With time, composite resin fillings turn dark or appear slightly yellow. Replacing it will help you receive a brighter smile on an immediate basis.

You Sustained an Injury

A blow to the mouth can make your fillings fracture, loosen, or dislodge completely. In that case, you must see a dentist in Encinitas, CA to get it replaced.

Throbbing Tooth Pain

Feeling your tooth hurts where your dental filling is? Well, it could indicate a deep cavity or a damaged filling. Ignoring it will result in more extensive dental procedures like tooth extraction and root canal therapy. For more details, call the dentist in Encinitas, CA now.

Why Do You Need to Replace a Dental Filling?

There are multiple reasons why you need to replace fillings with time. The most common one is everyday wear and tear. When we chew food, it undergoes a huge amount of pressure. With time, it leads to leaks, cracks, or falling out of filling.

When this happens, small food bits accumulate underneath the restoration. In this case, patients need to replace it to continue protecting their smile. Therefore, if you notice a chip or crack, regardless of how small it is, contact the dentist immediately.

Factors to Consider the Right Dental Filling

Although dental fillings are built to last longer, they eventually need replacement. Broken fillings can result in gum infections, dental pain, tooth decay, and tooth loss.

When deciding on the filling material, the following factors play a crucial role:

  • The severity of tooth decay.
  • The location of the cavity.
  • The cost.
  • Your insurance coverage.

Visit Steve Horne, DDS to Know More About Dental Filling Treatment

Once the cavity extends to the point the pulp chamber gets compromised, it lets you spend more money than fillings. So, don’t wait for long. Protect your gums, teeth, and smile with a filling treatment today. The dentist will help to determine the most appropriate filling material for your unique kid. For filling replacement in Encinitas, CA, call our dental expert for help.

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