How Much Time Do Dental Exams and Cleanings Require?

How Much Time Do Dental Exams and Cleanings Require?

Jul 01, 2022

Dental exams and cleanings are recommended by dentists and the ADA to ensure you are not affected by any dental issues that might aggravate and require intensive treatments. Depending on the condition of your oral health, the exams and cleanings are scheduled at six-monthly intervals or annually.

You might think you don’t need to waste time at the office of the dentist in Encinitas, CA, by scheduling an appointment for this procedure. However, are you willing to spend more time and money on treatments that you might need if you leave dental issues undetected in your mouth to aggravate into severe conditions? If not, you help yourself save time and money by visiting the dentist at intervals scheduled to receive this preventive procedure.

What Are Dental Exams and Cleanings?

Dental exams and cleanings are preventive procedure that helps detect issues like tooth decay, gum disease, and other issues in your mouth. You might think your dental health is optimal and doesn’t need attention from a dental professional every six months or yearly. However, are you confident that you haven’t developed any issues with your teeth or gums? If you believe so, the information below will compel you to think differently. Kindly continue reading to learn why you mustn’t ignore these procedures.

Dental exams and cleanings in Encinitas, CA, ensure your teeth, gums, and entire oral cavity are free from any issues and provide prompt treatment for any problems detected.

When starting the dental exam, the dentist in Leucadia checks your teeth and gums for tooth decay and gum disease. Tooth decay develops when you allow plaque buildup to remain on your teeth, allowing your mouth bacteria to deposit toxins and create cavities. Untreated cavities eventually aggravate further to infect the dental pulp, needing root canal treatments. In addition, dental plaque makes you prone to gum disease, an entirely preventable condition, by maintaining proper dental hygiene. Besides checking your teeth and gums, the dentist also checks your entire oral cavity looking for signs of oral cancer, which develops silently.

After completing the dental exam, the dentist allows a registered hygienist to take over and clean your teeth.

The dental cleaning focuses on plaque and tartar removal on your teeth and below the gum line. If you have delayed the procedure for too long, you will likely have tartar deposits on your teeth that are nonremovable by brushing and flossing. The hygienist scrapes away the tartar and removes all plaque from your teeth to prevent severe problems.

After plaque and tartar removal, you receive a thorough polishing of your teeth with gritty toothpaste and an electric toothbrush. You might not like the sounds of the toothbrush, but it is an excellent way to remove any excess plaque from between your teeth and polish them to give you a brighter smile.

Next, the hygienist flosses your teeth to detect any trouble spots between them where your gums might bleed.

After the flossing demonstration, the hygienist requests you rinse your mouth and receive a fluoride treatment to help your teeth fight against cavities for several months.

How Long Does It Take for Dental Exams and Cleanings?

The time taken by the dentist and hygienist to complete the exams and cleanings depends on how long you have delayed the procedure. For example, if you visit the dentist after a year, the process might require 90 minutes or more to complete. The time for the exam and cleaning is determined by the condition of your oral health and how much plaque and the tartar you have on your teeth. However, the dental professionals also discuss matters related to your diet, lifestyle habits, and the need for restorations or repairs during your appointment.

The entire procedure is an excellent method of determining whether your oral and overall health is in optimal shape. The time you spend at the dentist’s office will ensure your dental visits reduce because the preventive measure helps you realize what you can do to improve your dental hygiene and prevent unnecessary complications from affecting you. Best of all, the cleaning also ensures you have brighter teeth and a beautiful smile that you will proudly display until your next visit.

If you haven’t scheduled your appointment for dental exams and cleanings, kindly do so with Steve B Horne, DDS — Encinitas, CA, today to enjoy the benefits of this preventive procedure completed within the hour.

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