Full Mouth Rehabilitation at Steve DDS FAQs

Full Mouth Rehabilitation at Steve DDS FAQs

Nov 11, 2020

If you have damaged, worn down, cracked, or missing teeth, you’ll agree that they damper your smile. Moreover, missing teeth can affect your dental structure by causing your surrounding teeth to weaken. That is why it is crucial to have you’re your teeth fixed. Fortunately, we offer full mouth rehabilitation in Encinitas, CA services to help restore your teeth.

What is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Full mouth rehabilitation or reconstruction refers to the process of rebuilding your existing teeth or replacing missing and damaged teeth. The reconstruction involves the use of various dental treatments to improve the integrity, beauty, and function of your teeth.

What Services do We Offer for Mouth Reconstruction?

We have an array of dental treatments that are geared to help in rebuilding your mouth. Some of the services include:

  • Dental crowns. These are caps that encase your teeth to change your teeth’ color, size, shape, and appearance. Our Encinitas dentist may recommend dental crowns if you have chipped, worn down, and misshaped teeth. The crowns also cover dental implants or support bridges.
  • Veneers. They are thin shells that are fixed on top of the teeth. The veneers also improve the appearance of your teeth. These fixtures come in handy when you have discoloration, chipped, and cracked teeth. They offer better support than dental bonding and usually last longer.
  • Dental bridges. Our cosmetic dentist in Encinitas, CA, can recommend bridges if you have missing teeth and are looking for a non-invasive dental solution. We have different types of bridges, and the dentist will help you choose one depending on the location and the number of missing teeth.
  • Implants. These are metal posts fixed on the jaw bone to anchor the false teeth. The titanium screws are long-lasting, but you need to have sufficient bone density for them to be well supported.

The dentist will recommend the correct treatment based on your dental needs. But, sometimes, the dentist might use two or multiple teeth treatment to rebuild your mouth.

How is the Mouth Reconstruction Done?

When you come to the dental clinic, our dentist, in 92024, will do a comprehensive dental assessment and cleaning. Then do the following:

  • Scan your teeth

The dentist will scan your teeth and get a digital impression using the Primescan intraoral scanning. The process is accurate, faster, and more comfortable with less discomfort compared to traditional impressions.

  • Design

After the dentist has evaluated the scan, he will use the CEREC software to create restoration proposals. These plans are used to create a personalized treatment.

The dentist will show you a clear and visually appealing restoration plan. You will get a chance to review the desired results and check if it’s what you want.

  • Production

This is the creation of the teeth restorations. In this phase, the dentist will use software to synchronize the milling and grinding. Every fissure and edge is precisely prepared and evened out. The processing time is shorter and allows you to get restorations in one dental visit.

  • Fixing of the restoration

The final step will be fixing the dental crown. However, take note if you want dental implants, you may need more than one dental visit to fix them.

Benefits of Using CEREC Technology?

We use CEREC technology to make the process easy and fast. Also, because of the benefits, it offers to you and your dentist.

  • Single dental visit. Unlike traditional dental treatments, the use of CEREC makes it easy for the dentist to restore the teeth. It can be done in one dental visit, saving time and the inconvenience of going home with temporary crowns.
  • Less discomfort. The traditional dental impressions are uncomfortable and involve the use of putty. The dentist will use the digital scan to get a 3D impression of your teeth and jaw. Plus, you will be able to review your expected results and have the dentist make adjustments in real-time.

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Visit Steve Horne DDS if you are looking for a fast, easy, and safe full mouth rehabilitation process. With this modern dental technology, you fix your dental imperfections and get a new smile in one single dental visit.

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