Four Reasons to Consider a Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Four Reasons to Consider a Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Apr 23, 2020

Though people don’t prioritize their dental health, it plays a significant role. Did you know your overall wellness and dental health are interlinked? Ignoring your oral hygiene can negatively affect your general health. Having crooked, cracked, discolored, or missing teeth affect not only your appearance but also your dentine. It is critical to have proper oral hygiene, but more than that, you need to have regular dental checkups to prevent any dental problems.

But if you a dental situation such as missing teeth or decay, the dentist can perform a full mouth rehabilitation. The treatment involves a few procedures that can restore all your teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Full mouth reconstruction may seem like an invasive process, but it’s not. There are a few benefits in doing a full mouth reconstruction, and they include:

1. No Unsightly Dental Gaps 

You may lose your teeth as a result of decay, accident, or trauma. Unfortunately, once your permanent teeth come off, they don’t grow back, and they leave missing gaps in between. Missing teeth can lead to bone deterioration and also cause your teeth to shift to the available spaces, thereby weakening the dental structure.

Full mouth rehabilitation treatment can close these gaps and restore the integrity of your teeth. We have dental implants and bridges that can replace the teeth. The two procedures, however, differ in the treatment process and procedure.

For instance, dental implants are moderately invasive and involve surgically fixing the titanium posts in the jawbone to anchor the false teeth. Bridges, on the other hand, are noninvasive but would require trimming of the enamel for the crowns and bridges to fit. 

If you don’t want bridges or implants, dentures will make a suitable option. These removable dental fixtures are either partials (replaces a few teeth) or full dentures (ideal if you have lost all teeth either on the lower or upper jaw).

2. Enhances Teeth and Gum Health 

Having dental decay can affect not only your teeth but also gums. As part of your regular dental checkup, we perform professional teeth cleaning to remove tartar buildup (the primary cause of gum disease) and preserve your teeth. However, for mild to moderate decay, the dentist can perform root scaling and planing that removes the decay and restores the gum health.

Root canal therapy can also be done if the decay has extended to the pulp cavity. The procedure involves removing the infected pulp to stop the spread of infection and save the teeth. The cavity chamber is sealed with a dental filling. A dental crown can be used to restore the function of the teeth.

3. Strengthens the Teeth

Crooked or cracked teeth can weaken your teeth and also offer a perfect environment for bacteria to fester and cause cavities. The dentist can recommend dental veneers that can improve your weak teeth as well as cover stubborn dental stains.

4.  Enjoy a Brighter Smile 

Apart from the regular dental cleaning, the dentist may recommend teeth whitening process if you have discoloration. At Steve B. Horne DDS Clinic, we have a professional whitening process that is ideal for severe discoloration.

We don’t recommend at-home cosmetic whitening products as they may cause severe gum irritation. If you desire take-home whitening kits, talk to the dentist, and they will design a personalized kit.

How is Full Mouth Rehabilitation Process Done?

The mouth rehabilitation process begins with dental assessment and evaluation. The dentist will examine your dental health, medical history, and facial analysis. Using digital imaging tests such as x-rays and CEREC technology, Dr. Horne will create a treatment plan for your smile reconstruction.

The dentist will also outline the goal of the treatment and make sure the plan is what you desire. Take note; you may need a consultation with an oral surgeon, orthodontist, or periodontist before the treatment begins.

Take Away!

Full mouth reconstruction can fix your dental problems and improve your oral health and appearance. Visit Steve B. Horne DDS clinic for a discussion of the reconstruction process.

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