Choose laser dental treatment for a healthy and bright smile

Choose laser dental treatment for a healthy and bright smile

Mar 25, 2019

Laser technology has varied uses in the dentistry field. They can be effectively used for removing decay, reshaping the gums, hardening the bonding material in fillings, and whitening your teeth. The lasers emit energy in the form of quick pulses of light in the area that needs treatment, says dentist in Encinitas CA. The laser wavelength varies depending on the area to be treated.

Diode Lasers

The Diode laser has many fascinating applications in the laser dentistry as it is a revolutionary procedure which helps the dentists in treating dental issues with precision along with lesser pain and faster healing rate. The Diode laser is also used for teeth whitening.

According to dentist near Encinitas, the Diode laser technology works by focusing the energy at the site of the treatment. The energy is transmitted through flexible optical fiber towards a handheld unit that is used by the dentist during the treatment. The power of laser is adjusted for performing various procedures comfortably.

According to dentist in 92024, the Diode laser is used for treating issues such as:

  • Soft tissue surgery
  • Plaque removal
  • Teeth whitening
  • Gum contouring

The benefits of laser technology are as follows:

  • A laser treatment is precise and does not need intensive vibrations unlike other dental procedures. Thus, there is no need for anaesthesia.
  • The laser procedures need minimal incision which means lesser bleeding and swelling. It further seals them reducing the bleeding.
  • The laser procedure is very precise and involves minimal disruption of the surrounding healthy tissue.
  • The laser treatment involves precise incisions which are immediately sealed. Thus, the healing time is minimized.
  • The laser procedure is versatile and is used for smile makeovers as well by many dentists.
  • The laser treatment can also help in removal of decay and cavity.
  • Laser can help in preparing the tooth for inlay, onlay, or filling by cleaning the area developing cavity and removing the plaque and bacteria.
  • Laser can help in resurfacing the tooth various dental procedures such as bonding
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