Can Whitening My Teeth Make Them Appear Translucent?

Can Whitening My Teeth Make Them Appear Translucent?

Dec 01, 2021

Today, teeth whitening treatments are a famous way to get a beautiful and white smile back. Most individuals prefer them because they are easy, safe, and effective. Ultra-modern dental technology has made teeth whitening methods more affordable than ever before. Whether you are planning about getting your teeth bleached at your home or the dentist’s office near you, read below.

One of the long-lasting and sustainable ways to whiten your teeth is using customized whitening gel trays. They are created and custom-fitted by the dental professional depending on the unique teeth impressions.

What is the Reality?

Human teeth consist of multiple layers. The outer layer is called “dental enamel”, which is semi-translucent. The secondary layer is called “dentin”. These two layers make up the teeth’ shade.

However, the dentin layer does not extend to the teeth’ edges. Therefore, if the enamel wears away, this makes the edges are translucent. Few people believe that when you put teeth whitening strips or trays in your mouth for a long time than required, it can lead to the erosion of your tooth enamel, and hence, your teeth appear translucent.

But the reality is that teeth whitening procedure does not make teeth look translucent. If it does, it is not permanent. Remember, the transparency of the incisal edges of the teeth is normal.

Also, if you are grinding teeth ruthlessly, it puts pressure on the teeth’ edges. These edges may wear out at an angle from the back and look thinner. This creates a translucent look.

It’s worth visiting a seasoned dentist in Encinitas CA. The expert will help you find out if you are dealing with bruxism and recommend you some tips. He or she might also suggest wearing a nightguard to shield from teeth.

How Does Translucent Teeth My Oral Health?

Although the look of translucent teeth may be your main worry, it is essential to take into account problems linked with teeth translucency. Wearing enamel could result in tooth sensitivity.

This makes it tough to take cold or hot food and beverages, thereby making your teeth more prone to damage (even from following brushing and flossing routine regularly).

What Causes Enamel to Wear Down?

Enamel can break down for a ton of reasons. The biggest reason is acid erosion, which leads due to exposure to beverages and foods. Acid erosion can be from acid reflux, heartburn, or morning sickness.

Translucent teeth can also be an indication of Celiac disease (which can lead to poor development of enamel) or enamel hypoplasia (a condition that affects the early stages of development of teeth enamel and causes enamel to lose minerals).

Treatments that Help to Restore Your Translucent Teeth

There are many ways your dental expert can help you repair translucent teeth and transform the look wholly.

1. Bonding

Dental bonding is a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that can help you restore the look of your teeth in just one dental appointment. In this procedure, the dental professional applies the tooth-colored resin and allows it to harden using a special light. After that, the dentist bonds the resin to the affected tooth.

2. Veneers

Veneers are customized fittings built to fix or hide dental damage. They are another way to fix translucent enamel. During the procedure, the dentist will eliminate a small amount of enamel.

Once the dentist places these thin pieces of porcelain, they get permanently attached to the front teeth surfaces and the patient cannot remove them.

3. Enamel Remineralization

Enamel remineralization is the process of recovering lost enamel and prevent cavities. In this procedure, the dental professionals fill the teeth pores with a mixture of minerals to restore the strength and whiteness of teeth. Getting it will also shield your teeth from future erosion.

4. Dental Crowns

In few cases, the dental professional will advise porcelain or ceramic crown. It allows you to shape resin over teeth or fix teeth that are facing decay to mask imperfections.

Dental check-ups regularly help you stop demineralization early and allows you to treat it before it led to cavities. If you have some queries about Teeth Whitening Near Encinitas, consult any dental expert from our dental team today.

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