Are Your Brushing Habits Harming Your Teeth And Gums?

Are Your Brushing Habits Harming Your Teeth And Gums?

May 01, 2019

Many think that brushing teeth is enough for maintaining optimum oral health. What they forget is that brushing alone can’t help and it’s the right technique of brushing which helps in maintaining optimum oral health, says dentist in Encinitas.

Here’s a Look at Some Habits That Might Be Damaging Your Teeth:

Brushing too hard

It’s a common mistake made by most people. In order to remove the plaque and food debris from teeth, they brush their teeth aggressively. However, it can damage the teeth and irritate the gums. Applying too much pressure can also cause scratches and infections in the long run. Plaque is loose and soft which is easier to remove. If the plaque has transformed into tartar, you need help from dentist for getting rid of it.

Sharing your Toothbrush

You can be tempted to use your partner’s toothbrush if you can’t find yours but it can be pretty gross to share your partner’s brush as it can introduce germs to your body which it is not prepared for.

Using Same Toothbrush for a Longer Duration

It’s not advisable to use the same toothbrush for a long while as the bristles get worn out after afew months and also harbor bacteria on them. It’s good to change the brush after 3-4 months, says dentist near you.

Brushing too quickly

Sometime people don’t brush their teeth for long enough. Often when people are getting late for their office, they may just brush their teeth in 30 seconds and leave. However, it’s not sufficient for cleaning your teeth. It’s said that you must brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes.

Brushing soon after a meal

The dentist in Encinitas says that brushing immediately after a meal can damage the enamel because of acid lingering in mouth. You must wait for a few minutes before brushing the teeth.

Many people might be brushing their teeth twice a day but is their technique right? The dentist in 92024 says that brushing your teeth the wrong way can damage your teeth and gums.

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