Are You the Right Candidate for Invisalign?

Are You the Right Candidate for Invisalign?

Dec 01, 2018

Smiling is a huge part of the human experience. When we are happy, we want to show it. However, if your smile is a part of your body that you are feeling self-conscious about, you may be wondering if there are correction options that suit you. If you are interested in learning more about this orthodontic system, contact an Invisalign dentist near Encinitas today!

What is Invisalign?

Let’s first begin by introducing Invisalign. Invisalign is a dental system made of see-through, medical-grade plastic that is specially designed to fit your mouth. Invisalign is a great option for people who suffer from overbites/underbites, crowding, or gaps between teeth.

Dental Problems

When you are looking for a dental fix, the most important deciding factor is going to be the dental problems you are suffering from. While Invisalign does work to realign teeth, it is limited in what it can do. For more complex teeth movements, traditional braces may be necessary.


Invisalign is really only recommended for teens and adults. When you are a child, your body is still growing, and your teeth are designed to shift and take on the new form of your mouth as your body gets bigger. As the teeth shift in the mouth, the Invisalign clear brace will no longer fit the way that it should.


Invisalign requires constancy with use in order to work properly. This means that the user needs to be disciplined in making sure that they wear the clear brace all the time. While Invisalign can be removed for eating and drinking, it is not recommended to be removed for long periods of time. If not worn properly, your teeth will not shift into their new, desired position. Any time the clear brace is removed for too long, it will undo all of the work as the teeth will shift back to their original position.

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