5 Reasons You Need Emergency Dental Service

5 Reasons You Need Emergency Dental Service

Feb 01, 2020

Teeth are an integral part of your body. Apart from aiding in digestion by chewing the food, teeth also assist in speech and impart smarter looks. Without the teeth, your smile would not be that sparkling, and you would also lose confidence.

To keep your teeth in good condition, maintaining good oral health is essential. Apart from brushing your teeth after a meal, you can use an anti-bacterial mouthwash. Flossing the teeth is also an excellent option to maintain good oral hygiene.

What is a Dental Emergency?

All dental ailments cannot be considered a dental emergency. You need to understand the extent of discomfort and gravity of the issue faced to identify the same as a dental emergency. Over the years, medicinal science has evolved enormously, and emergency dentists in Encinitas are well-trained and highly experienced to provide you with the best care and treatment.

Emergencies strike without intimation, and you need to be prepared to handle emergencies as and when they appear. You might be in the soccer field, and had no idea that in the next few minutes, you might be suffering from a broken tooth. You would not be aware while driving on vacation until you met an accident to get two front teeth chipped.

Dental emergencies are persistent dental infections or pains or sudden accidents that require immediate medical attention. Biting your tongue and excessive bleeding is a dental emergency, but sudden sensitivity to cold water is not a dental emergency until it is severe and persistent. The Encinitas dentists are well-equipped to handle all dental emergencies.

#1 Broken or Knocked-Out Tooth

The broken teeth are the most common dental emergency. It is always advisable to collect the broken tooth and preserve it in a glass of milk. If the whole tooth is knocked out, you can try to put the tooth back into its socket, without touching the tip or roots. You might lose a tooth due to dental trauma, and there are chances that apart from the tooth, the jaws or gums might also be affected.

#2 Loss of Dental Prosthetics

You might have dental filling, crown, or veneers to protect the teeth. Chances exist that these dental prosthetics might go wrong in some way or the other. You might have broken the veneers by chewing, or the dental filling might have fallen off from its place.

In such cases, you should visit the dentist immediately to avoid any further loss or damage. The emergency dentists in Encinitas can aid you at this juncture and restore your dental prosthetics to help you keep smiling.

#3 Severe Bleeding of the Gum

Bleeding gum is not a sign of healthy teeth and good oral hygiene. The bleeding gum indicates a gum infection or gum disease. If you neglect the bleeding gum, you increase the chances of losing your teeth, and the infection might spread to other body parts too.

A bleeding gum should be addressed at once. Apart from dental infections, bleeding gums can be constituted due to dental trauma, and you should visit an emergency dentist at once.

#4 Persistent Toothache

Toothaches can be annoying. Some aches can be managed with medication, but some persistent toothaches might require the attention of a dentist at once. Such pains are mere signs of a bigger dental ailment that should be addressed.

#5 Damaged Tooth

Due to dental trauma or prolonged infection, you might not only lose a tooth but get it poorly damaged. The fracture of your tooth grows until the pulp. Once the underlying nerves and pulp are affected, the agony would only multiply.

At such a juncture, you should rush to the dentist to minimize the damage and ensure repairing the damaged tooth. The broken or damaged part, if preserved correctly, can be restored.

What to Do During Dental Emergency?

Once you identify the issue as a dental emergency, you should visit the dentist. Dr. Steve Horne has been working as an emergency dentist in Encinitas for long. With vast experience and knowledge, Dr. Steve Horne has treated numerous patients with dental emergencies.

Encinitas dentists are well-trained and well-equipped to handle dental emergencies. If you are suffering from any dental emergency, feel free to pay a visit to an emergency dentist in Encinitas.

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