Teeth Whitening

Does your smile suffer from stains and discoloration? Wishing there was an affordable, quick and effective way to get rid of that dull smile? At Steve Horne, DDS in Encinitas, CA near Carlsbad, CA, there is! We are proud to offer teeth whitening for our patients that are interested in brightening their smile in just one visit.

Why Teeth Whitening Treatments?

Most people dream of a bright, white smile, but unfortunately, it is not as common as we see in the movies. There are many reasons our teeth may become dull, from dietary choices to medications. Certain foods and beverages are also known to be highly staining (coffee, soda, berries to name a few) and although you could simply avoid these things, with teeth whitening you can still enjoy your favorite foods and drinks while having a beautiful, bright smile.

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Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments

Unlike most of the over-the-counter teeth whitening kits that can take weeks or even months to see results, many professional teeth whitening treatments can show results in just one hour. Another benefit of professional teeth whitening is that most solutions do not contain chemicals known to cause teeth sensitivity like the store bought variety.

Teeth Whitening in Our Encinitas Dental Office

At Steve Horne, DDS, our teeth bleaching treatments are effective, affordable and quick. This can make it a more appealing cosmetic dentistry option over veneers for patients just looking to improve the shade of their teeth. We use a special tray to apply the whitening product to your teeth, and after just one hour you will see amazing results.

Ready for a brighter, healthier looking smile? Contact our Encinitas dental office today! We’d be happy to schedule a teeth whitening appointment.